Lansing Mayoral Candidates Outline Their Visions

Jul 6, 2017

Four candidates vying to become the next mayor of Lansing fielded questions on city issues at a public forum Thursday night.


Attending the forum were city council member Judi Brown Clarke, former councilman Harold Leeman, state representative Andy Schor and political novice Michael Gillenkirk. 


When asked whether the city should sell the Lansing Board of Water and Light, all except Gillenkirk said they oppose the idea. 


Medical marijuana dispensary regulation is a hot button issue in Lansing.  Brown Clark, who’s working on the council to draft a new city ordinance, said she favors an external licensing review process.  Schor said as mayor he would insist on regular inspections, and said he opposes the clustering of dispensaries in certain neighborhoods. 


On the issue of a $15 per hour minimum wage, Leeman and Brown Clark said they believe the city should move gradually towards that goal, while Gillenkirk flatly rebuffed it. 


The candidates also answered questions about education funding and pension liabilities. 


Lansing voters will narrow the field from five candidates to two on August 8.