Lansing half-way through developing new 20-year master plan

LANSING, MI – The City of Lansing is about halfway through developing a new 20-year master plan. The plan helps guide future growth and development in the city.


The city has already held more than 30 public hearings on its 20-year plan and collected more than a thousand surveys. This month the planning department will start looking at land use, economic development, transportation and parks and trails. Kate Koskinen is a consultant working on the planning phase of the master plan. She says public input is crucial to how the city will look in 20 years.

"We need to sell Lansing in the market of bringing in jobs, bringing in new residents, bringing in investment," Koskinen says. "This is where we going to get that vision for what needs to be done to make us a sellable community to new people and to keep people we already have here happy and keep them here."

City officials hope to have the plan finished by early next year.