Lansing city council faces budget deadline

LANSING, MI – The Lansing City council is expected to pass a budget tonight for the upcoming fiscal year. The 2011 city budget isn't expected to be much different from what mayor Virg Bernero recommended earlier this year, in spite of efforts to include a tax increase.


In March, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced that the city would switch to a 4-day 36-hour work week for most city employees. The move was part of Bernero's efforts to close a $12-million hole in the $109 million budget.
The cut would amount to a 10% cut in pay for hourly workers. To soften the blow to city employees, the city council is recommending a plan to raise taxes by .4 mill.
Bernero, who is running for governor, has said that he isn't interested in raising taxes. The tax hike has received a lukewarm response from the full council and it's doubtful supporters can garner enough votes to make the plan veto-proof.