Lansing bookstore looking to go co-op

EAST LANSING, MI – A bookstore on Lansing's east side is looking for volunteers to help convert the store to a member-owned cooperative.

Scott Harris opened "Everybody Reads" on Michigan Avenue three years ago. He carries a wide selection of books geared toward readers outside the mainstream - and offers special projects, including movies, spelling bees, and Spanish and Braille lessons.

Now, Harris wants to turn the store into a non-profit organization, similar to the East Lansing Food Co-op.

"I'm looking for individuals who have the time and the passion and the understanding of what it will take to transition from a corporate model into a community-owned model," he says.

Orientation sessions for volunteers will be held Friday at 2 PM and Saturday at 10 AM at the bookstore. Harris expects it will take nine months to a year to convert the bookstore to a co-op.