Lansing auto unions vote on GM concessions

East Lansing, MI – East Lansing, MI (WKAR) - Lansing's unionized autoworkers are voting on contract concessions with General Motors aimed at preventing bankruptcy. The package includes revisions of labor rules and retiree healthcare.

United Auto Workers local 602 member Lynn Hall of Lansing works at GM's Delta Township plant. He supported the proposal.

"Overall I think, the pay right now is the main thing," he said. "At least you can keep your bills up to date. You don't have all the fringe benefits like we've had before. But this is better than nothing."

Many workers seem uncertain that more revisions will do any good. Most analysts think bankruptcy is a certainty after bondholders last night refused to accept GM's offer of a 10% stake in the automaker. The UAW will own about 20% percent of GM according to the plan.

UAW 602 members have until 7:30 Wednesday to vote at the Lansing Center. Local 652 members vote Thursday.