Ionia Flooding To Impact Fair Parking?

IONIA, MI – IONIA, MI (WKAR) - About 1,000 cars remain stranded at the Ionia County Fairgrounds after the Grand River flooded during a concert on Saturday.

The flooded area is also used for parking at the Ionia Free Fair, just over three weeks from now.

AUDIO: Ionia City Manager Jason Eppler says the affected area will need repairs after the floodwaters recede and the cars are removed.

He says the driveway leading into the mowed, grassy parking area will need the most work.

Eppler adds that it's too soon to speculate on any possible impact on attendance at the Ionia Free Fair, set to open July 16th.

"That'll be something that the Free Fair will, I'm sure, be thinking about as they think about the Fair later this summer."

Eppler says talks are underway regarding options for the Free Fair if it's determined that the area shouldn't be used for parking again so soon.