House Republicans with majority in their sights

Lansing, MI – State House Republicans are feeling more confident that they will take back control of chamber next year. They say polls that show strong voter support for Republican candidate for governor Rick Snyder also indicate Republicans can take the majority lead in the House. Republicans would have to pick up 14 seats to take control.

GOP House campaign chair Pete Lund thinks the House will be more evenly divided next year.

Lund says, "Doesn't matter whether it's Republicans or Democrats in majority, we're going to be a lot closer. Nobody's going to get more than a few seats one way or the other, and ultimately we're going to have to work a lot more together because we're close."

Current House Republicans have one of the weakest minorities in the history of the Michigan Legislature. Democrats say they aren't concerned about losing control of the chamber next year. They say their House candidates connect better with Michigan's voters.