House panel approves "sunshine law" on tax breaks

LANSING, MI – A state House committee has voted to require Michigan's economic development agency to provide more information on how it uses job-creation tax credits. It's a step toward authorizing more of the tax breaks.

The Michigan Economic Growth Authority has almost reached its limit for the year, and wants the Legislature to approve a new round of credits. But a key Republican lawmaker says she wants more proof the program is working.

State Senator Nancy Cassis testified Tuesday before the state House New Economy and Quality of Life Committee.

"It is our duty to level, to level with the public all the time, not just now, but all the time," she said. "But to do that, we have to have accurate information and real facts."

The committee approved a version of Cassis's bill to require the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to reveal more information. The MEDC says it provides all the data it legally can without violating tax privacy laws.