Hi-tech U. S. sensors head for Flight 447 search area

RECIFE, Brazil (AP) –

RECIFE, Brazil (AP) - The Pentagon says a Navy team leaves for Brazil today with two high-tech devices that can detect emergency beacons to a depth of 20,000 feet.

The devices are expected to aid French searchers looking for Air France Flight 447's black box recorders. Meantime, officials say the recovery of debris and 17 bodies
from the Atlantic Ocean confirms searchers have located the wreckage.

Brazilian Air Force Col. Henry Munhoz says there is "no more doubt" that the wreckage is from the doomed plane which disappeared a week ago.

The first two bodies were found Saturday and another 15 yesterday.

Authorities also announced that searchers have recovered structural components from the plane and hundreds of personal items believed to be passengers' belongings.

But the cause won't likely be known unless searchers can locate the plane's black box data and voice recorders, likely at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.