Granholm: Vetoes coming, wants new taxes

LANSING, MI – The budget debate at the state Capitol is not over. Governor Granholm says she will veto major portions of the budget bills sent to her Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Granholm says she wants the Legislature to reverse cuts to Medicaid, and the Michigan Promise college scholarship. But she cannot order the Legislature to put money in the budget.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop.

"She can cut what she wants. We'd be willing to talk to her about cuts," he says. "That was our plan from the beginning. If she wants to cut more out of government, then God bless her. Let her do what she has to do, but it just seems absurd to me that we're now at the phase of being vindictive."

Bishop says the prolonged budget standoff shows there is not support in the Legislature for increasing taxes or fees.