Granholm: US carmakers ready to meet new emissions standards


Governor Granholm says Michigan-based carmakers are ready to build fuel-efficient vehicles that comply with what's expected to be tough new federal emission standards. She says the days of Detroit pushing back against fuel economy rules are over. She says Michigan manufacturers are anxious to develop and build low-emission hybrid and electric cars and next-generation automotive batteries. She says the new Obama administration regulations will help.

"We are particularly pleased that this is going to continue one national standard and not a patchwork of these state-by-state regulations which make it very difficult to comply with from the manufacturers' perspective." she says. "This sends the right market signals to manufacturers."

California and more than a dozen other states were looking at enacting their own fuel economy regulations that would be tougher than federal standards. As a candidate, President Obama called for vehicles that get 50 miles to the gallon by 2027.