Granholm signs regional letter re: eight-state high-speed rail

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm has signed an agreement with seven other governors to work together to build a high-speed rail line. The train would travel from Detroit and Pontiac to Chicago and other Midwestern cities.

The trains would travel at speeds of up to 110 miles an hour, and could cut the trip between between Detroit and Chicago from about five hours to a little more than three hours. The governors are hoping a regional push will help them win federal stimulus dollars to get the project rolling.

Liz Boyd is Governor Granholm's press secretary:

"We want to make certain that Michigan and the Midwest corridor gets a piece of the $8-billion that the Obama administration wants to invest in high-speed rail," she said.

The train system's other stops would include Indianapolis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. The Obama administration envisions one day a cross-country network of high-speed rail services. Boyd says that would also spark more interest in local mass transit.