Granholm to sign smoking ban, legal challenge possible

Governor Granholm is planning to sign the statewide ban on workplace smoking on Friday at a downtown Lansing brewpub.

The Legislature sent the smoking ban to Governor Granholm last week following nearly 10 years of wrangling on the question. The state seemed close to approving a smoking ban a year ago, but the legislation stalled as lawmakers argued over to include cigar bars and casinos on the ban.

The new law will outlaw smoking in factories, offices, bars, and restaurants. The only exceptions will be home offices, tobacco shops, commercial vehicles and Detroit's three casinos. The ban will take effect May 1. Michigan will be the 38th state to enact strict limits on smoking in public places.

The Michigan Restaurant Association opposes the ban and is having lawyers review the bill. One possible challenge to the law would be based on how it treats casinos different than other businesses.