Granholm says Michigan will pursue school funding

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm says she has not given up on winning federal school reform funds even though Michigan lost out in the first round of competing for Race to the Top money.


The governor says she was "shocked" and "disappointed" that Michigan failed to make the final cut. She says she doesn't know if Michigan's reforms didn't go far enough, or if opposition from teachers unions doomed the application.

But there is another round of funding that will become available this summer. The governor says she's waiting on the U-S Department of Education's evaluation of Michigan's application and its new school reform laws.

"And we will know in April why we didn't get it and we are going to go swinging for this money even though we didn't get it in the first round."

The governor says the Legislature can strengthen Michigan's next application by funding a school reform office in the state Department of Education, and by quickly wrapping up the school aid budget without cutting money for K-12 education.