Granholm says energy policy needs to include incentives, investments


Governor Granholm says Michigan will benefit if the federal government adopts the right national energy policy. Congress is getting ready to debate energy legislation.

The governor says alternative energy is a bright spot in Michigan's economy that could burn brighter.

Michigan is home to 16 advanced battery companies, the Chevy Volt electric car will be built in Hamtramck, and the Saginaw-Midland area has an emerging solar panel industry. The governor is also trying to lay the groundwork for a wind energy industry in Michigan.

This is from her weekly radio address:

"We really are on the cusp of something huge here. But comprehensive and aggressive federal energy legislation is necessary to keep this momentum going."

The governor says that means more federal investment in battery and electric car research -- and creating more incentives like the tax credit for buying plug-in electric vehicles that will make adopting alternative fuels attractive to consumers.