Granholm may not get retirement bill next week


It's starting to look like the Legislature won't meet Governor Granholm's April first deadline for creating incentives to entice thousands of public employees into early retirement.

The governor estimates early retirements could save taxpayers $450 million during a budget crisis. But she says if school districts are going to take advantage of the savings, they have to make retirement offers next month.

Some procedural deadlines passed this week will make it harder to finish a retirement package next week before the Legislature begins its spring break.

House Speaker Andy Dillon says Democrats want more time.

"I know the governor makes a good case for doing it now, but it is complicated stuff," he says. "There's a lot of moving pieces to it."

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says he'd like to get a retirement package finished next week. He's called on the governor to personally lobby House Democrats to finish the job.