Granholm delivering 2010 plans in three parts

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm is preparing to deliver her final State of the State address this week, which will outline her plans to for tackle Michigan's challenges in her final 11 months in office.

The governor delivered some details of her 2010 agenda in a speech last week. She called for incentives to encourage thousands of state employees and school teachers to retire with less-generous benefits for their replacements - and for a constitutional amendment to require the budget to be completed by July first.

The governor hinted her State of the State address will focus on attracting new employers; on schools, colleges and universities; and on helping displaced workers.

"Very basic -diversify to create jobs, educate, and critical basic protection for people in need," Granholm says.

The governor will deliver more details of her 2010 plans in a budget proposal on February 11th. That could include tax reforms, as well as a strategy for tackling an almost $2 billion deficit.