Governor uses radio address to defend budget plan

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm used her weekly radio address to launch her efforts to win public support for the final budget proposal of her administration.


The budget proposal reflects some of the key goals of the governor's second term - such as cutting corrections costs, state assistance to help students with the costs of college, and reforming taxes to tap into the growing services sector of the economy.

The governor has no public events planned for the President's Day holiday. But the governor did use her radio address to plug the plan.

"This budget cuts state spending while investing in education and job creation," Granholm says.

Legislative budget hearings will begin this week, but many lawmakers are already expressing skepticism - especially on plans to allow more prisoners to be released, and to extend the sales tax to services as well as consumer goods. There was widespread opposition the last time the governor proposed expanding the scope of the sales tax.