Governor Mitt Romney speaks on Mackinac Island

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI – Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was the keynote speaker at a Republican strategy conference on Mackinac Island over the weekend.


Romney, who ran for the Republican nomination for president last year, spent most of his speech criticizing President Obama and his record so far in Washington. But he also expressed concern for Michigan as it weathers a budget crisis.

"Now you can't feel the way I do about this state - and that's not just the geography, it's the people - and not have your heart broken when you see the state go through what it's going through right now," Romney says.

Romney says it's time for the Republicans in Lansing to throw the Democrats out of power. And he says a major part of a state turnaround would have to be tax reforms that make Michigan a more attractive state for businesses.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Florida Governor Charlie Crist also met with the GOP faithful at the conference. All three are considered prospective Republican candidates for president.