GOP candidates kick off 2010 in Lansing

Two Republican candidates for governor were at the state capital Wednesday to push their plans for government reforms.

Oakland County Sherriff Mike Bouchard says there are so many dramatic changes that need to be made, the next governor could be a one-term governor. In other words, an unpopular governor. But Bouchard doesn't think that saying that will make him a tough sell.

"I think it's an easy sell to voters to say that I'm going to do what's necessary to fix the problems without worrying about the next election," he says. "I think people are tired of people only worrying about getting reelected, not worrying about fixing the problems."

Businessman Rick Snyder was also in Lansing, continuing a call for tax reforms. Snyder says the state should be run more like a business, and the people should be treated like customers. And he says those customers will need a governor around for two terms to make effective changes.

Other Republican nominees for governor include state Senator Tom George, state Attorney General Mike Cox and Congressman Pete Hoekstra.