Friend and colleague of MLK recalls his life

Apr 4, 2013

Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. William G. Anderson and Dr. Ralph David Abernathy. Anderson met King through his brother-in-law who was a high school friend of King's.
Credit Courtesy of William G. Anderson

On this date 45 years ago, civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Junior was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee.  To the world, King was an icon of equality and justice.  His family and friends, of course, saw something more.  One of Dr. King’s closest friends was William G. Anderson.  Anderson is an osteopathic surgeon with Michigan State University who practices in Detroit.  In 1961, Anderson lived in Albany, Georgia, where he started what came to be known as the “Albany Movement,” one of the first successful organized protests of the era.  

Dr. Anderson tells Current State’s Kevin Lavery about how he came to meet and befriend Dr. Martin Luther King.