Freshman Reps Take Oath of Office

Jan 9, 2013

Twenty-eight new state lawmakers have been sworn in as members of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Credit WKAR File Photo

Among the Lansing-area lawmakers of the 2013 freshman class are Democrats Tom Cochran, Andy Schor, Sam Singh and Teresa Abed.  Republican Tom Leonard represents part of Clinton and Gratiot counties. 

Cochran says he’s optimistic about the coming session.

“Hopefully we’ll get past the divisiveness that was the last session and hopefully move forward and get some good work accomplished," Cochran says.  "I’m always the optimist; I think that that can happen, and I’m hoping so.”

New lawmakers are now responsible for a $48 billion state budget, and will face issues including a health care overhaul and potential legal fallout of right to work legislation passed last month by the lame duck legislature.