Exec says Lansing GM plants survival offers chance to consolidate

(East Lansing, MI) – (East Lansing, MI) -WKAR News
While the state reels from General Motors' bankruptcy announcement today, many people in mid-Michigan are breathing a sigh of relief. GM will keep open its two local manufacturing plants.

The decision to keep the two plants open spares thousands of local jobs and millions of dollars in local tax revenue. Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Director Tim Daman says it also presents opportunities to consolidate and expand G-M's local suppliers to build a more stable work force: "I think once we get through this, we'll know a little more hopefully over the next few weeks. And then we see a new GM emerge out of here. Maybe a little bit leaner corporation...that maybe some of these opportunities will mean something potentially will come our way."

GM has about 2,500 employees in the Lansing area. City of Lansing officials say the automaker and its employees pay more than seven million dollars in city taxes.