Election 2013 recap: In short, Mayor Bernero wins

Nov 6, 2013

Incumbent Brian Jeffries lost his seat on the Lansing city council to Judi Brown Clarke.
Credit Flickr - MI SHPO

Voters re-elected Virg Bernero by a wide margin to a third term as mayor of Lansing yesterday.

They also gave him what he wanted on the city council by replacing his nemesis, Brian Jeffries, with Judi Brown Clarke.

Incumbents Kathie Dunbar, Tina Houghton and Jessica Yorko were retained, and Lansing voters also passed a measure to decriminalize marijuana.

In East Lansing, appointee Kathleen Boyle won the right to fill out the balance of a term on the city council. There will be two newcomers, Ruth Beier and Susan Woods, on the city council.

Current State spoke with Elaine Kulhanek, Editor of Community Conversations at the Lansing State Journal, and Walt Sorg, a longtime local political observer, radio host and former democratic candidate for the state House. He now writes about local politics for the Lansing City Pulse. They say there already is speculation that King Clarke may run for mayor in the future.