Election 2012: Ingham County Commission Race

Aug 8, 2012

There were a number of contested primaries for the Ingham County Board of Commissioners.

Republicans picked Randy Maiville over Renee Sumerix in the 6th district. That was the only contested race for county commissioner on the GOP ballot.

Democrats who won primaries included Sarah Anthony in the 3rd, Deb DeLeon in the 4th, Carol Koenig in the 9th, Brian McGrain in the 10th, Deb Nolan in the 12th, and Kelli Green in the 14th.

Organized labor had boosted challenges in the Koenig, McGrain and Nolan districts over issues that included a lawn mowing contract with the city of Lansing and the disbanding of the county road commission. McGrain and Nolan won easily, while Koenig's margin over Irene Cahill was closer, about 10 percentage points.