Eighth District Dems decry lack of public forums

Jul 16, 2014

Four Democrats are campaigning together as each seeks their party's nomination for Michigan's 8th congressional district. The incumbent, Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) is leaving Congress at the end of his term. The Michigan primary election will be held August 5. From left: Eric Schertzing, Ken Darga, Jeff Hank and Susan Grettenberger.
Credit WKAR/Kevin Lavery

It’s not uncommon in small political races for several candidates to run together as a slate to fill a number of vacancies. For example, candidates for the local school board sometimes appear together as a unit, in hopes voters will sweep them all into office.

That doesn’t happen in larger elections, say, for a seat in Congress. But the four Democrats running to replace Republican Mike Rogers in Michigan’s 8th District are trying an interesting strategy. Candidates Eric Schertzing, Ken Darga, Susan Grettenberger and Jeff Hank have vowed to campaign together between now and the August 5 primary to make themselves as accessible as possible to voters. Current State speaks with two of those candidates, Susan Grettenberger and Jeff Hank.