East Lansing School Board to consider cuts

East Lansing, MI – As schools across the state prepare to make mid-year budget cuts, the exact amount of state funding they will get remains a moving target.

Governor Granholm last week delayed a planned cut of $127 per student, but schools still have to deal with earlier cuts of $165 per student and more in some wealthy districts.

In East Lansing, the school board will meet Monday to consider layoffs and cuts to transportation and athletics. Superintendent Dave Chapin is suggesting the district delay some decisions until late January, "That allows us an opportunity to listen to the Governor one more time and hear the results of the Revenue Consensus Conference in January."

Chapin says, however, that some decisions can't be put off until January. Labor contracts require layoff notices to go out 30 days in advance. The school board Monday at 7:00 at the administrative offices.