East Lansing cutting $2,000,000 from budget


The East Lansing city council tonight is likely to approve almost $2,000,000 in cuts to this year's budget.


City Manager Ted Staton says the city faces a total of $5,000,000 in budget shortfalls over the next two years. He calls the $2,000,000 to be trimmed from this year's spending plan a "down-payment on that challenge."

Staton says he isn't expecting any surprises tonight. "The council is aware that we're going to be making this reduction of nearly $2,000,000 from the current year's budget," he says, "and my anticipation is they'll fully support these cuts."

Staton says reduced state revenue sharing funds and lower property tax revenues are forcing the cuts.

The East Lansing budget reductions include staff furlough days, eliminating most capital improvements to facilities, and deferring fleet and computer replacements.