Dillon health pool discussion to push forward


A group of lawmakers are expected to continue discussions privately this week on a plan to create a health insurance pool for all public employees and teachers.

For several months a large sign chastising House Speaker Andy Dillon's insurance plan has sat on the back of a commercial truck bed outside of the state Capitol. The Democratic Speaker's plan has received a lot of criticism from traditionally Democratic supporters. Meanwhile, many prominent Republicans have shown interest in the plan.

Democratic Representative Tim Melton supports Dillon's proposal. He says lawmakers should endorse good policy, regardless of party affiliation.

"At some point you have to say Is it right?' And I would rather take a Republican idea and get it passed - if there was a Republican idea that was great - and take credit for it as well," he explains.

But with Dillon potentially running for the Democratic nomination for governor, the idea could become a target for criticism from both sides of the aisle.