Dillon and Bishop speak with Detroit Economic Club

DETROIT, MI – State House Speaker Andy Dillon and Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop are confident the Legislature will reach a budget deal with Governor Granholm before the October 1st deadline. The legislative leaders appeared together Monday in Detroit.

Governor Granholm has not ruled out the possibility of vetoing a budget plan that cuts too deep without new revenue. Dillon says he's confident they'll be able to put together a budget deal she can agree with.

"Enough to get the bill signed," he said.

Dillon says House Democrats may push for targeted tax increases if important programs such as Medicaid and early education aren't adequately funded. But Bishop maintains his fellow Senate Republicans will not vote for a budget with any tax hikes. But he and Dillon say they're willing to remain open to discussion in order to avoid another government shutdown.

"Really, my confidence rests with the Speaker," Bishop said. "If the Speaker's confident, I'm confident."

"Thanks for putting it all on me," Dillon responded.

Dillon and Bishop both say the biggest challenge will be instilling tax and governmental reforms after this budget is balanced, to avoid meltdowns in the future.