Detroit's Anita Baker Preparing "Farewell Tour"

Jan 6, 2018

In January 2018, Detroit singer Anita Baker announced she'll launch a "farewell" tour in March. Detroit Free Press columnist and author Rochelle Riley talked about Baker's legacy and her connection to Michigan. 

On Twitter, Detroit songstress Anita Baker announced she will begin a "farewell tour" in March. No cities have been announced yet.

Album cover for Anita Baker's "Rapture" album.

Baker rose to fame in the 1980's with hits like "Sweet Love", "No One In The World", "Same Ole Love" and more that encompassed R&B, soul, jazz and gospel sounds. She continued into the 1990's with more hits like "Just Because," "Fairy Tales", "Body and Soul" and "I Apologize" just to name a few.

Author and Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley said Detroit is very proud of its musical legacies: Motown, newer acts like KEM and Anita Baker. 

"When she hit the scene in 1983 and changed the way ballads were sung and what people thought about R&B... she influenced a lot of people and made some great musics and won eight Grammys and when she stopped singing there was a genuine sadness among people," said Riley.

In the 1990's, Baker put her career on hold to raise her family and to take care of two ailing parents. She continued living in Grosse Point.

You cannot talk about the 80's and not talk about Anita Baker. - Rochelle Riley, columnist & author

"She grew up here," said Riley. "She grew up as a foster kid. She had a tough time getting started because there were people who didn't think she could be a star. She proved them wrong. She had to deal with record label madness."

Anita Baker's tweet announcing "farewell tour."
Credit Twitter/Anita Baker

"She persevered and survived all of that," said Riley. "And all that time, Detroit was home. Every time she was done on the road, she came back home. Every time she finished recording, she came back home and she's here now."

"I think that there will people who will argue that [Baker] is one of those folks whose music was the soundtrack of the 80's," said Riley. "You cannot talk about the 80's and not talk about Anita Baker."

Riley said there's so much excitement that people will get a chance to hear Baker in concert again before her retirement from the industry.