Detroit Lighting Bills Stalled in State Senate

Sep 12, 2012

State Lawmakers failed to move a bill Wednesday that offers a possible solution to serious public lighting problems in Detroit and other cities.

As Michigan Public Radio’s Jake Neher tells us, supporters of the bill are pointing fingers at each other.

The package of bills would have created an independent lighting authority in Detroit and other communities as a way to help them light their streets. But Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville says not enough members of Detroit’s delegation were willing to sign off on the legislation.

“When you have a majority of the people that represent the city of Detroit saying they don’t like the idea, but in several months haven’t come up with another idea, it gets a little bit frustrating,” he says.

But Democratic supporters say they had a deal in place, and they had enough support to pass the bill in the Senate. Richardville says he doesn’t plan any more hearings this year on the issue.