Dems pondering ballot questions

LANSING, MI – The state Democratic Party has a list of prospective questions that voters could decide in next year's elections.

Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer's list includes boosting the minimum wage and unemployment benefits, cutting utility rates, a one-year moratorium on home foreclosures, and requiring employers to offer health benefits.

Brewer says these issues could also help Democratic candidates next year.

"Good policy drives good politics," he says. "These are good policies. These will help the people of Michigan, and think they will be very popular with the voters, as well. So, if the voters see that the Democratic Party is on their side, as a result, so be it."

Brewer says political activists will be surveyed online to decide which questions the party will support. He says a petition drive could begin early next year.

A Republican spokeswoman calls the whole thing nothing more than "political theater."