Democrats not impressed with Snyder SoS

LANSING, MI – Governor Rick Snyder said in his State of the State speech that he wants to make sure all kids in Michigan who graduate from high school are ready for college or advanced job training. Democratic state lawmakers say the policies the governor has supported so far have hurt that goal.

The governor says he thinks a handful of education proposals that stalled last year would strengthen the state's education system. He says he would like to see those measures approved this year; including more online learning, and better funding for early childhood education. Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer says she was not impressed.

"He spent 48 minutes talking about last year," Whitmer says. "We know what happened last year; they picked corporations over kids every time. What we need is a bold vision."

Whitmer says it was a mistake last year to cut school and university funding. She wishes the governor would have acknowledged a Democratic proposal to ensure all kids who graduate from high school in Michigan receive tuition grants from the state.