Debating the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations

Aug 14, 2013

Michigan health officials and physicians have launched an awareness-raising effort to get more young people vaccinated.  The move comes after data showing an increase in the number of Michigan parents choosing not to get their kids vaccinated.    Last year, more than 7,000 kindergartners alone in the state had some kind of vaccination waiver.

Michigan is one of 20 states that allow such waivers for philosophical reasons. These waivers often include skepticism that vaccines are essential, that they may be harmful and that not enough is known about the cumulative effect of various vaccines.

With the 2013-14 school year a few weeks away, we thought we’d explore the issue some more.  Dr. Matt Davis is chief medical executive for the Michigan Department of Community Health and Mary Tocco is the director of vaccine research and education for the group Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines.  She’s also the creator of the website

Data shows an increase in the number of Michigan children who are not getting their annual vaccinations.
Credit flickr/Sanofi Pasteur