City of Lansing hosts anti-crime summit

Lansing, MI – LANSING, MI (WKAR) - The City of Lansing hosted a public meeting Sunday night to address the recent rash of violence in the city.


Since March 14, there've been five homicides in metro Lansing and several people have been injured in shootings.

City officials led a discussion about the violence at a meeting that drew about 150 people to Union Missionary Baptist Church.

Interim Police Chief Teresa Szymanski says overall Lansing is a safe place to live and crime is on the decline. Still, the city is starting a new program called Operation Peace to target some hot spot neighborhoods for extra police protection.

"It is a proactive approach with emphasis on fragile neighborhoods that is place-based and offender-based," Szymanksi said. "Our goal is aggressive, proactive policing to identify and apprehend violent felons."

Szymanski urged residents to get involved with their neighborhood watch programs and to use the anonymous tip line.