Business leaders continue to push "Turnaround Plan"

Lansing, MI – The head of one of the largest banks in Michigan says business leaders are not happy with the direction the state is headed. David Boyle is president of PNC Bank and a member of Business Leaders for Michigan. The group of CEO's from the state's largest companies is urging lawmakers to adopt a plan they say will stabilize state government finances and stimulate business growth. The plan calls for reducing the state workforce and lowering state employee salaries.

Speaking to the Lansing Economic Club, Doyle said state employees will be facing cuts whether or not the plan is adopted, "I can understand some apprehension if you were a state employee today in a department that may face some cuts, but I think if you do it with a good methodology and a good plan, hopefully the pain can be mitigated, but it's coming whether this plan's enacted or not."

The plan also calls for consolidation of school and local government services and a cut in the Michigan Business Tax. A different plan has been proposed by the think tank "A Better Michigan Future" that calls for a graduated state income tax and expanding the state sales tax to include the service industry.

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