Business Group Files Objection to Labor Ballot Drive

Jun 21, 2012

A coalition of business organizations has asked Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to block a measure from the November ballot.

The union-backed amendment would preempt a right-to-work law in Michigan, and reverse many Republican efforts to limit labor organizing and fundraising.        

The business group sent a letter to Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. It says an amendment should be narrow and focused, and this one is sweeping and complex. It could affect dozens of laws and sections of the state constitution -- and people don’t know that, says attorney Jim Holcomb of Citizens to Protect Michigan’s Constitution.

"The public deserves to be properly informed on not only what they’re asked to sign on a petition, but also what they’re asked to vote on,” he says.

Dan Lijana of Protect Our Jobs says the ballot campaign has a simple purpose.

"Nearly 700,000 Michigan voters signed a petition in support of protecting a fundamental right of collective bargaining,” he says.

State elections officials say the request to keep the question off the ballot is under review.