Bridges of Wayne County spark drama

Lansing, MI – Tempers flared this week at the state Capitol over a not-yet-built bridge. The Legislature is trying to decide whether the state should partner with a private company to build a new span to compete with the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.


The word "lies" has been thrown around frequently by from all sides of the great bridge debate, and a lot of motives are being questioned.

One source of anger was a traffic study released by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Republicans in the Senate say it was incomplete, and did not provide all of the information they requested.

"I would point out that this is a huge expenditure on infrastructure," says Republican state senator Jud Gilbert. "We want to make sure that it can pay for itself. That's the issue. We can't make this decision without this information."

The Department of Transportation says it has released all the information it has on the bridge proposal.