AG opinion says charter schools can come into Detroit

EAST LANSING, MI – Attorney General Mike Cox says more charter schools should be allowed to compete in Detroit Public School territory. His official opinion was requested by the state school superintendent.

New charter schools were not allowed in Detroit. But Detroit schools recently dipped below the 100 thousand student requirement to keep additional charter schools out.

State Representative Tim Melton chairs the House Education Committee. He sponsored legislation that would set standards for charter schools in failing school districts.

"You know, we've been racing to get some reforms in place that would at least mandate if additional schools were going to come into the district that they have the highest performing standards, that there was transparency, that they had to meet certain guidelines," he says. "You know, so I'm not surprised by the finding of the attorney general, I'm more concerned by the impact that this does have."

Detroit schools financial manager Robert Bobb says he's also concerned charter schools will not be required to have high standards.