Susi Elkins

TV Station Manager

Susi Elkins is station manager for WKAR Television, the PBS affiliate serving mid-Michigan with children's progamming, news, art, drama and how-to; and local productions BackStage Pass, Off the Record and QuizBusters.

Susi may also be the most recognized face on WKAR, seen on the air each day making connections between WKAR programs and the mid-Michigan community.  "I LOVE getting out and being right in the heart of what makes our community so amazing," she says. Susi is involved in such community boards as the East Lansing Art Festival and has received Emmy and Michigan Association of Broadcasters awards for work on WKAR productions.

Susi Elkins came to WKAR as a student in 1992, and after a stint in Chicago, returned in 1995. She has been a multimedia producer, television producer, content and engagement manager, and presently oversees WKAR-TV as station manager.

Ways to Connect

I am so pleased to tell you that this month WKAR will join with the Michigan Humanities Council when it launches its fourth Great Michigan Read.

Every now and then, I think we all get the urge to get a new vehicle. We may have outgrown our old one with expanding families (that's what happened to the Elkins car!). Or, our old car may just be on its last legs -- or wheels.

Last week I wrote about the new fall season at WKAR. But some of that new season is recorded right here -- and it all begins next week!

QuizBusters Special Edition

Can you believe that it is almost September and Labor Day weekend is here? The summer has flown by, leaving behind plenty of good memories -- and great anticipation for the fall.

I have to admit that one of the things I love about public television is that even in summer, a lot of our programs are new and they run the gamut in diversity, from drama to documentary to cinema.