Susi Elkins

TV Station Manager

Susi Elkins is station manager for WKAR Television, the PBS affiliate serving mid-Michigan with children's progamming, news, art, drama and how-to; and local productions BackStage Pass, Off the Record and QuizBusters.

Susi may also be the most recognized face on WKAR, seen on the air each day making connections between WKAR programs and the mid-Michigan community.  "I LOVE getting out and being right in the heart of what makes our community so amazing," she says. Susi is involved in such community boards as the East Lansing Art Festival and has received Emmy and Michigan Association of Broadcasters awards for work on WKAR productions.

Susi Elkins came to WKAR as a student in 1992, and after a stint in Chicago, returned in 1995. She has been a multimedia producer, television producer, content and engagement manager, and presently oversees WKAR-TV as station manager.


Listen Tuesday on Current State
12:02 pm
Wed September 18, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: The Great Michigan Read

I am so pleased to tell you that this month WKAR will join with the Michigan Humanities Council when it launches its fourth Great Michigan Read.

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Consider a Vehicle Donation
7:00 am
Fri September 13, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Got a Clunker?

Condition doesn't matter! We'll take it -- old or broken beyond repair is fine!

Every now and then, I think we all get the urge to get a new vehicle. We may have outgrown our old one with expanding families (that's what happened to the Elkins car!). Or, our old car may just be on its last legs -- or wheels.

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QB Special, Current Sports
7:00 am
Fri September 6, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Two New Shows!

QuizBusters host Matt Ottinger

Last week I wrote about the new fall season at WKAR. But some of that new season is recorded right here -- and it all begins next week!

QuizBusters Special Edition

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Three Great TV Specials!
12:00 am
Fri August 30, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: WKAR Fall Preview

Earthflight is a special Nature presentation that takes viewers around the world with birds of six continents.

Can you believe that it is almost September and Labor Day weekend is here? The summer has flown by, leaving behind plenty of good memories -- and great anticipation for the fall.

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March, Silk and More!
7:00 am
Fri August 23, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Great Shows This Week!

Courtroom drama in 'Silk.'

I have to admit that one of the things I love about public television is that even in summer, a lot of our programs are new and they run the gamut in diversity, from drama to documentary to cinema.

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Current Sports Coming to WKAR-TV!
8:28 am
Fri August 16, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: A Big Night in Studio F

Greg Kelser and Al Martin with the WKAR crew

We had a great night last evening in WKAR's Studio F when we welcomed special guest, Greg "Special K" Kelser, to WKAR as the guest on the premiere episode of Current Sports.

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Please Renew or Become a New Member!
7:00 am
Fri August 9, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: August Pledge Nearing Conclusion

Gloria Estefan

We'll be wrapping up WKAR's summer membership campaign on Monday, August 12 with two terrific specials -- the popular The British Beat and the mellow Gloria Estefan: The Standards.

But these two specials are far from the only ones we have over the next few days -- on Friday, celebrate the sounds of the 1960s girl-groups with '60s Girl Grooves.

Saturday we'll offer Daniel O'Donnell from the Heartland and Ed Sullivan's Top Performers.

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JazzFest: August 2-3
7:00 am
Fri August 2, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: A Jazzy Weekend!

At JazzFest 2012!

If you're in the Lansing area this weekend, come on over to Old Town!

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August 2-12
7:00 am
Fri July 26, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Please Volunteer!

Members of the WKAR Street Team

As you might imagine, volunteers play a large role here at WKAR. We’re looking for those who would like to spend time between August 2-12 in our air-conditioned Volunteer Center!

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Red Green, Lawrence Welk and more!
7:00 am
Fri July 19, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: We Asked, You Answered!

Red Green

Our recent survey to members asking them for feedback on the Red Green Show and Lawrence Welk brought a terrific response. Whether you like these shows or not, you all had a lot to say!

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Lots to Like on WKAR!
7:00 am
Fri July 12, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: At Common Ground and In Your Home

Look for Current State at Common Ground

There are so many amazing festivals in the mid-Michigan area and we've been at a lot of them this year!

This week, Current State has been broadcasting live from Common Ground at 6 p.m., with an encore the following moring! I've been there a lot, too and am very excited to meet lots of new WKAR fans!

This is the 14th year of the festival. Our Street Team has been celebrating too, as they've been taking photos of many festivalgoers and handing our our WKAR flyers and buttons.

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Great Shows for July!
7:00 am
Fri June 28, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Happy July 4!

It's been busy here at WKAR, but who isn't these days? We're wrapping up our fiscal year, looking forward to new productions and our upcoming festivals.

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We're On the Road!
7:00 am
Fri June 21, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Fun in the Field

The Hard Lessons Kick off BackStage Pass
Stacy Landry/WKAR-MSU

What a week! Earlier this week, music fans and friends of WKAR got the chance to be part of our BackStage Pass audience at Hannah Center in East Lansing. Six terrific bands -- ranging from hard rock to soul, funk to ska-punk and more -- took the stage over three evenings to record six of next season's BackStage Pass programs.

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11:06 am
Fri June 14, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: So Much Fun!

Susi Elkins

There's too much fun going on this week at WKAR!

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Please Renew or Become a New Member!
1:27 pm
Fri June 7, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Spring Pledge Campaign Is Here!

Please support COMMERCIAL-FREE programming on WKAR today!

As you know, WKAR-TV has four pledge campaigns each year and we have been successful in shortening them in the past year so that we can return to your favorites more quickly.

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Get Tickets Now!
7:00 am
Fri May 31, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: BackStage Pass Is Coming!

BackStage Pass is returning for a new recording season, starting off with a three-day concert extravaganza at Hannah Community Center, June 18-20!

We're excited to have a diverse group of bands on stage -- three nights, six bands! And best of all the tickets are free! Just get them online here. Seating is by general admission.

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News from the PBS Annual Meeting
7:00 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: On the Road -- with Exciting News!

Thomas and Friends are coming to PBS this fall!

What a week!

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PBS Annual Meeting
11:30 am
Fri May 10, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Hitting the Road

Ken Burns

Next week Gary Reid and I will be headed to the PBS Annual Meeting. We'll be connecting with public broadcasting colleagues from around the country in an event that combines previews up of the upcoming season with valuable discussions on the state of the media landscape, funding updates, a look at our digital future and the latest research on public broadcasting.

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Spring is Finally Here!
8:00 am
Fri May 3, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Happy Graduation!

There's always a lot of green here at Michigan State University, but today we are seeing much more of it! And I'm not just talking about the trees, which are beginning to show their Spartan colors, or the flowers that are at long last bursting.

Students from MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences will be graduating today -- Friday, May 3. We can't help but notice caps and gowns and plenty of Spartan spirit.

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9:35 am
Fri April 19, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Lots to Like for Everyone!

There's lots to like this week when WKAR is involved! Here's a quick calendar of what's keeping us busy.

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MSU Science Festival: April 12-21
7:00 am
Fri April 12, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Science Is Everywhere!

At the NAB -- Randy Jackson

I have just returned from the National Association of Broadcasters meeting, which I was privileged to attend with our general manager, Gary Reid, and several of our staff.

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Spartan Sports Journalism Classic
7:00 am
Fri April 5, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: NBA Star Steve Smith at WKAR!

Steve Smith
Credit courtesy

I'm an MSU grad and Spartan through and through. So when I heard that the College of Communication Arts & Science and WKAR would host the first Spartan Sports Journalism Classic -- with hosts Steve Smith and Pam Whitten -- I was pretty excited!

Lots of Spartans remember NBA All Star and MSU Athletics Hall of Famer Steve Smith. He's now a sports journalist covering the NBA on television. When he comes back to MSU next week, he's bringing with him a number of the best sports journalists and industry professionals in the field to speak during a lively panel.

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A Busy Season is Coming Up for WKAR
9:44 am
Fri March 29, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Festival Season is Coming!

Susi Elkins introduces acts at the Old Town Blues Fest

When it hits April, it finally feels as though spring is really here! And this week's temperatures and a few green bulb shoot sightings remind us that soon it will be festival season.

Here at WKAR we're looking ahead to the MSU Science Festival April 12-21 here on the campus. You'll find everything from interactive displays to speakers to activities for kids. On April 13 we're teaming up with MSU Extension to offer activities for children at the exhibition tent. It will be busy but fun!

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10:26 am
Fri March 22, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Lots to Like for Families!

Denise Walker is WKAR's Teacher Core representative

You may have noticed the new "Family" tab on our web page. We are looking to increase the content we have here on WKAR that is related to families and education.

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Michigan Public Television Station of the Year!
2:42 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Lots is Going On!

General Manager Gary Reid accepts the Michigan Public Television Station of the Year award.
Credit Susi Elkins

There's lots to like during this wild and wonderful week here at WKAR. On Wednesday I was pleased to be with members of our staff at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters annual awards. Three of our television programs (Off the Record, BackStage Pass and Beneath the Pines) received awards, as did two WKAR Radio features.

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Midwife Marathon March 17!
3:01 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: The Midwives are Back!

The cast of "Call the Midwife"

One of the questions I seem to be hearing a lot these days is "When does Call the Midwife return?"

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Susi Likes WKAR!
7:00 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Please Give Generously

Susi likes WKAR!
Credit w.r. richards/WKAR / WKAR

Over the past few days I've had the opportunity to be in warm and sunny Florida with my family. Like so many of you have in the past, we enjoyed plenty of amusement park fun, rides, lots of walking and some long awaited sun.

The public television station we saw while on vacation was getting ready for their annual TV membership campaign, just as we are here at WKAR. Ours begins tonight and continues through March 11, and during that time we'll ask you for your support.

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Nominations are being accepted!
10:55 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Michigan Makers

Our Evening at WKAR event featured Makers.

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An Evening at WKAR
12:04 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Amazing Michigan Women!

Next week on February 21, we hope you will attend our next Evening at WKAR event, featuring a preview of the documentary Makers: The Women Who Make America and a talk from Two Men and a Truck founder Mary Ellen Sheets. (REGISTER HERE)

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Sign Up for Community Cinema!
7:00 am
Fri February 8, 2013

Susi's Station Notes: Community Cinema Presents "Powerbroker"

Willard Walker

On Wednesday, February 13, we have a great treat in store here at WKAR. As part of our ongoing Community Cinema series of screenings and  discussions we will welcome Willard K. Walker, Tremaine Philips and Renee Canady to lend their insight onto the civil rights issues presented in The Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights.

The documentary is very powerful but the experience and insight our panel brings to the topic will be significant and one well worth attending.

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