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Located near the state capital on the campus of Michigan State University, the WKAR Station Enterprises team is available to anyone who is interested in producing a video, holding a video conference, connecting to distant locations through a satellite link, or creating a webcast event. We offer professional facilities and technical support that is both reliable and affordable. Please contact us today to learn more!

Video Conferencing
Meet face-to-face with colleagues and clients throughout the state, across the nation or around the world.  Two-Way Video Conferencing is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings.  Whether your session is one-on-one, or with small or large audiences; whether you need to connect with one location or to several sites, video conferencing is an efficient, cost-effective method to carry out business.  Save time, save money, save travel -- video conference!

Satellite Teleconferencing
If your goal is getting specific information to large numbers of people, Satellite Teleconferencing may be the most efficient, cost-effective means.  The full video capabilities of a broadcast studio or video classroom are utilized to create your message.  Using the only satellite uplink in Mid-Michigan, your message is transmitted via satellite to pre-arranged viewing locations.

Studio Production
WKAR-TV offers the largest and most complete production facilities in out-state Michigan, conveniently located on the Michigan State University campus.  Three studios provide the flexibility to accommodate even the most complex productions.  The WKAR staff is experienced in a wide variety of program formats.  We offer complete production management from concept through execution or will work collaboratively with your producer.

Live Guest Shots
With the only satellite uplink in Mid-Michigan, WKAR provides national news networks with live interviews with state officials, business and civic leaders and Michigan State University content experts and sports figures. Guests appear on Face The Nation, NewsHour, ABC World News, NBC Today Show, and many more news and talk programs, from WKAR studios conveniently located just minutes from I-96 and U.S. 127.

Location Production
WKAR-TV offers the most complete range of field production options in Mid-Michigan.  WKAR has an award winning staff of videographers, lighting designers, sound mixers, and editors that can meet your needs for broadcast quality production. We offer the skill, professionalism and sensitivity you expect in public television production.

Video Post-Production and Editing
WKAR offers three fully-equipped, state-of-the-art video edit suites. Based on the widely used Final Cut Pro software, these suites offer all the latest capabilities in artistic possibilities. The suites are served by a variety of videotape formats, including BetaSP, BetaSX, DVC Pro and DVCam.

Webcasts - Live and On-demand
Webcasting makes your live event viewable world-wide. Have your event captured for viewing at -- the Web site devoted exclusively to online viewing of MSU-related events. Extend viewership by requesting an archive of your live event for on-demand viewing.