WKAR World TV Schedule

Saturday, April 18
9:00 PM
Wolf Hall on Masterpiece
While Wolsey is in York, Cromwell remains in London in an effort to return the cardinal to the king's favor. As Cromwell's relationship with Henry deepens, unexpected news arrives from the north.
10:00 PM
Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece
The search for Kitty's assailants uncovers surprising accomplices; Agnes and Henri call it quits; and Harry and Nancy come to an understanding.
10:55 PM
Feel Grand With Jane Seymour
“Conquering Diabetes”
Diabetes is discussed with Dr. Mark Hyman. Included: prevention; and treatment.
11:30 PM
Theater Talk
“Broadway Spring Season Preview”
Michael Musto (Out.com), Jesse Green (New York Magazine) and Patrick Pacheco (ArtInfo.com) preview Broadway's spring season.