wkar TV Schedule

Thursday, September 03
7:00 PM
PBS NewsHour
Covering national and international issues, originating from Washington, D.C.
high definition
8:00 PM
Michigan Out-of-Doors
A series aimed at outdoor-sports enthusiasts focuses on hunting and fishing. Also: wildlife and scenic areas around the state.
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8:30 PM
Under the Radar Michigan
“Detroit 2”
9:00 PM
This Old House
“Lexington Project 2015: Finishing Details”
New plants are added to the landscaping plan; and a wrought-iron chandelier with 52 bulbs is installed. Also: the radiators being used in the garage and upstairs sitting room; the upstairs laundry room; and the insulated steel garage doors.
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10:00 PM
On Story
“The Evolution of Funny: TV Comedy With Larry Wilmore”
Larry Wilmore ("The Daily Show") discusses the different types of comedy and his influences. Also: "Love, Emily," about young love; and "036," about cubicle life.
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10:30 PM
Current Sports
A look at the upcoming weekend in sports.
11:00 PM
Charlie Rose
Chris Rock; Conan O'Brien; James Corden; and Aziz Ansari.
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