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It's a Correspondents Edition. Tim Skubick and his guests discuss the medical marijuana law and the hit it took this week, public employees paying more for health care, a welfare cap, and a new twist in the bridge-to-Canada debate. With Stephanie Cepak, Bill Ballenger, Kyle Melinn, and Chris Christoff.

Governor Snyder asks for a ruling on the state's emergency manager law, Michigan has too many judges, and schools of choice is in trouble. The guest is Randall Hekman (R).

Randall Hekman is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. He served 15 years as a juvenile court judge.

Kathy Barks Hoffman, Susan Demas, and John Lindstrom join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Governor Snyder's pension tax heads to the Supreme Court and Durant vs. Hoekstra. The guest is Mark Brewer (D).

Mark Brewer has been the chair of the Michigan Democratic Party since 1995, making him the longest serving state democratic party chair in the country.

Stephanie Cepak, Rick Pluta, and Kyle Melinn join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Correspondents edition. The fallout in Michigan from the federal debt bill, recall updates, and the U.S. Senate race.

Bill Ballenger, Chris Christoff, Susan Demas, and Paul Egan join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.


State contract talks, recall updates, and what to expect if the federal government shuts down. The guest is Brian Broderick.

Broderick is CEO of the MI Assoc. of Non-Public Schools, which are schools for Catholic and Lutheran churches in Michigan, serving 100,000 students in 500 schools.

Stephanie Cepak, Rick Pluta, and Dawson Bell join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Pete Hoekstra (R) is running for U.S. Senate, the new teacher tenure law, and House Democrats at war. The guest is Clark Durant.

Clark Durant is the co-founder and former CEO of the Cornerstone Schools. He is a possible GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.

Kathy Barks Hoffman, Bill Ballenger, and Kyle Melinn join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Correspondents Edition. Capping welfare at 48 months, the GOP presidential primary, McCotter's run for President, Caylee's Law, and the passing of Ms. Ford and Mr. Cain.

Bill Ballenger, Susan Demas, Kathy Barks Hoffman, and Zachary Gorchow join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick,

Blogger's Edition. The presidential race in Michigan, the bridge, and six months with Governor Snyder.

Kathy Hoekstra, Jeff Wattrick, Ken Braun, and Todd Heywood join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.


Updates on redistricting and the U.S. Senate, as well as a look at Governor Snyder six months into his term. The guest is Dave Agema.

Rep. Dave Agema (R) is in his last term in the Michigan House representing Grandville. He serves on the House Budget Committee.

Kyle Melinn, Bill Ballenger, and Rick Pluta join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

w.r. richards / WKAR

Edgy, harmonic tunes and favorites from nineties alt-rock icons.

Originally aired 4/7/11

M. Walters / WKAR

Tropic folk-rock whisks you away to warm sunny climates.

Originally aired 3/31/11

M. Walters / WKAR

Sizzling hot dance hall rockabilly from West Michigan.

Originally aired 3/24/11

Instrumental jazz, rock and R & B quartet.

Originally aired 2/24/11

Tasty jazz, rock and R & B from the award-winning West Michigan instrumental quartet. Selections from their self-titled debut CD include "Creole Chopstix," "Seriocity," and "Sonter."

A rich sound that amazes and intrigues, from a broad blend of instruments and styles.

Originally aired 2/17/11

The soaring power of the human voice with Broadway and opera from MSU faculty stars.

Originally aired 2/10/11