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Starting today, minors found in possession of alcohol will get a little more leniency under Michigan law.

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Four teenage boys have been charged with murder in an Ohio juvenile court in connection with the death of a man struck by a sandbag thrown from an interstate overpass.

Federal investigators say an 18-year-old pilot in Detroit had run out of gas when his plane crashed and a woman was killed.

An eastern Michigan teen whose father recently died has received a surprise birthday gift from him posthumously.

Snyder OKs Ban On Phone Use By Teen Drivers

Jan 8, 2013
WKAR File Photo

A new law will soon ban cell phone use by probationary teen drivers unless they’re using a hands-free device or reporting an emergency. 

Eaton Rapids Considers Response to Teen Fighting

May 22, 2012
Courtesy City of Eaton Rapids

Residents of Eaton Rapids are watching a disturbing trend in their city.  Officials there have been looking into a rise in teen fighting.