Tasneem Sannah is a Syrian-American MSU student involved in campus activism for Syrians.
Katie Cook / WKAR

  We’ve all seen and heard about the continued unrest in Syria, but sometimes it’s hard to grasp a situation that’s taking place so far away from us. We hear from an American who has been deeply affected by the conflict firsthand.

SARN photo
Courtesy photo / Syrian American Rescue Network

The Syrian American Rescue Network (SARN) is a Michigan nonprofit that arranges humanitarian and economic support for Syrian refugees. Tonight, East Lansing’s Islamic Center is hosting a presentation by SARN to spread its message and help refugees. We talk with two SARN members about the Syrian refugee crisis and how they expect it to unfold in Michigan.

Immigration photo
Britt Selvitelle / flickr creative commons

Last week, a federal appeals court decided to continue blocking implementation of two immigration programs. The initiatives would extend and expand opportunities to millions of America’s undocumented immigrants. We talk with a local immigration rights advocate about why she’s unhappy with the decision, along with a former MSU employee whose family is impacted by the decision.

Syrian refugees photo
Freedom House / flickr creative commons

Gov. Rick Snyder has suspended plans to allow Syrian refugees in Michigan pending a review of Homeland Security vetting processes. The decision has generated vigorous support and opposition. We talk with State Sen. Rick Jones, who supports the move, and East Lansing surgeon Dr. Majid Katranji, who opposes it.

Syrian-born professor advocates for U.S. intervention

Sep 13, 2013
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More than 100,000 people have been killed and nearly a quarter of Syria’s population has been displaced since the uprising against President Bashar al Assad began in March 2011. 

As Secretary of State John Kerry works with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on negotiations to have President Assad hand over all of his regime’s chemical weapons, the war on the ground in Syria continues.