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Doc Martin: Out of the Woods

May 30, 2014

Sat. May 31 - 9 pm & Sun. June 1 - 7 pm WKAR-HD |  Watch and call or Give Now for special offers.

Make a Gift, Plant a Tree

Mar 30, 2014

This Earth Day, April 22, a gift in any amount can help make our Earth greener.

portrait: Hunter-Gault and Gates

Sun., March 16 - 3pm-10pm on WKAR-TV | Watch and call or Give Now for special offers. 

Fri., March 14 - 8 pm on WKAR TV | Steve Martin and Edie Brickell partner on a series of new songs to create a playful and accessible collection of songs. Watch and call or Give Now for special offers.

GREAT PERFORMANCES: The Dukes of September

Mar 7, 2014

Tue. 9:30pm on WKAR-TV | Enjoy performances by Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs of their big hits and other 60s and 70s favorites. Watch and call or GIVE NOW ONLINE for special disc offers.