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50s & 60s Party Songs

Jun 1, 2014
TJL Productions

Sat. June 7  -  10pm - WKAR HD | Celebrate the golden era of rock 'n' roll dance music with host Chubby Checker. Watch and call or GIVE NOW ONLINE for special offers.

Magic Moments: The Best of 50s Pop

Jun 1, 2014

Mon. June 2 - 8 pm on WKAR TV | Mel Carter performs in this celebration of 50s pop music. Watch and call or Give Now for special offers.

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May 30, 2014

Sun. June 1 - 11 am on WKAR TV | Explore the secrets of our most valued emotion in this compelling global journey in search of what makes people happy. Watch and call or Give Now for special offers.


'60s Rock, Pop & Soul

May 30, 2014

Mon. June 2 - 10 pm on WKAR-TV | This all-new concert spectacular features hits and favorites of the AM radio era. Watch and call or Give Now for special offers.