Mars photo
Courtesy photo / NASA

NASA announced this week that it’s found liquid water on Mars. The news has scientists across the world buzzing with excitement. We check in with Abrams Planetarium Director Shannon Schmoll about what this means for the future of space exploration and the possibility of life on other planets.

Michigan is not among the first states that come to mind when you mention the aerospace industry. An amateur rocket launch scheduled for Saturday in southwest Michigan is unlikely to change that. On Saturday afternoon, members of a Michiana Rocketry Club plan to blast a port-a-potty into space near the community of Three Oaks, near the Indiana state line.

Michigan Mars One applicant makes finals

Jan 9, 2014
Flickr - midnightinfinite

Last summer hundreds of thousands of people from around the world volunteered to take part in the first human expedition to Mars. The Mars One project provides a one-way ticket to the red planet for four finalists, who will form the first human colony on the planet.

MSU weather balloon set to film from the edge of space

Jun 28, 2013
Yanjie Wang

This Sunday, a team of MSU undergraduate students from the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, along with engineering graduate students, will launch a weather balloon affixed with five HD cameras and a GPS device.

The launch, led by MSU instructor and filmmaker Troy Hale, will attempt to obtain video footage from the edge of space, as the balloon is expected to rise nearly 100,000 feet, where the curvature of the earth can be seen.